14k WG pave' hamsa necklace, ombre oval tourmaline set in wg small and large. 14kwg pave and baguette diamond disc

14k White gold pave' diamond hams, floating marquis diamonds and sapphire, pave' diamond surrounding labradorite, diamond slice and pave' diamond lariat y necklace with 14k drop

14k white gold pave clasp pale grey leather choker, 3white and black diamond rings on wg chain, 14k wg bezel diamonds and hematite, 14k wg pave diamond disc with diamond drops, 14k pave and baguette set diamond pendant on wg chain

Round .46 point floating diamond on adjustable 16" Italian chain, Double 14k Italian gold chain necklace, 14" and 18" y.

14k rose gold, pave diamond, floating diamonds and ruby necklaces

14kyg .40 point floating diamond , 18k double chain with white fresh water baroque with 2 cts scattered drilled diamonds, 14k bezel set diamonds in Y necklace

Floating marquis diamond .45 carats 14k adjustable chain, 14k and multi sapphire rings on a chain, pave' diamond and labradorite on 14k chain, multi irregular set baguette bar 14k, open 14k pave diamond star plate necklace, 14k bezel set y necklace rose and yellow gold available

14k .30 round floating diamond, 14k pave' diamond oval disc, double light Italian chain 14" and 18"y drop necklace

14k yg chain floating multi shape diamond necklace, double 14k chain 14k wire wrapped multi color Tahitian pearls, natural zircon knotted with rhodium pave' diamond elements